Friday, August 15, 2008

A Look-See Around the Corner

So, tomorrow the ruckus begins, and in the spirit of starting afresh, here's a quick breakdown of what to look forward to at A More Splendid Life over the 2008-2009 European football season.

You can have some, but only if you're good.

Footie Fiction

To further elbow my way to the vague middle of the football blog queue, AMSL will try something different by offering a fictionalized summary of one of the week's matches, basically whatever is on Setanta on Saturday morning or if there's something curious on GolTV.

What the hell does that mean, you might justifiably ask yourself. Well, since you can get an expertly-written match summary on any old Guardian Football Re-Vamped website, I will be taking the perspective of a key player and offering up my own fictionalized account of their experience over the course of a game. As a colleague has already surmised, Sport is indeed a TV Show, but it can also be a short story too. You'll see what I mean after this Sunday evening.

Soccer History

Last month, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. William Hoyle, head the board of governors of the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame. He has kindly asked my involvement with the board, so you should expect interviews, features, and more surprising tidbits from the annals of Canadian soccer history, delivered right to your computer screen, hopefully at the rate of once a week or so. Like anything Canadian, it's not kosher unless it has at least thirty percent Canadian content. Rock on everyone.

Media Criticism

Because really, who is watching the watchers these days? Just because When Saturday Comes can cut Sky Sports to ribbons in a matter of an opening paragraph doesn't mean a complete amateur can't do the same to them, can it? The Blogosphere panopticon knows no sense of decency...

Am I missing something? Anything else you'd like to see here? Is there something I do well and something I bomb at so badly that you wonder why you ever clicked on this thing in the first place? Let me know which is which! YOU are the editor.

See you soon!


Fredorrarci said...

You don't look as much like Gareth Barry in your new photo.

Looking forward to it all, especially the short stories - terrific idea.

Richard Whittall said...

Yes, well, Gareth and me are going through a rough patch right now. Besides, that sycophantic look on my face was getting hard to bear.