Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ronaldo Reagan

I read today in the Toronto Star that Ronaldo was named after Ronald Reagan,
not so much for the late ex president's strange blend of down-home populism and ruthless neoconservatism, but more for his old terrible cowboy movies.

But in light of the tomfoolery going on between Madrid and Manchester, let's take a look at our crisco-haired friend for a second
and compare him to that old forgetful geezer who brought us Morning in America.

Ronaldo: scored 42 goals in 2007-2008.

Reagan: public support dipped to 42% in 1987, his lowest approval rating while in office.

Ronaldo: his delightfully devilish moves helped United to win the European Cup.

Reagan: his delightfully devilish Machiavellian maneuvers helped set up a scheme wherein in Israel would supply arms to a moderate group of Iranians opposed to Ayatollah Khomeni.

What does this tell us? That Ronaldo will struggle to gain a foothold at Madrid in his starting season but will eventually lead them to a European Cup final playing, oh, let's say, Jozy Altidore's Villareal.


Brian said...

They both relied on hair gel to help them create an exaggerated but surprisingly iconic version of the standard "famous man" hairstyle of their day. Reagan with his pomade-assisted man-crest, Ronaldo with his curlicued oh-I-didn't-see-you-there, just- got-out-of-the-shower set of masculine eddies and whorls.

There's something to this.

Richard Whittall said...

I always thought Reagan's hair was meant to resemble Plymouth rock. And perhaps Ronaldo's was unconsciously styled to resemble the raging ocean surrounding his native Madeira...both iconic dos. In any case, both swarthy wet gobs of the blackest black...

Patrycja said...

This post is starting to come to life. Scary.